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An old Scottish dovecote, surrounded by bright flowers

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Boston MA

INSPIRED BY NATURE: Five Printmakers at the Arnold Arboretum

Now completely on line for your leisurely viewing.

Gallery at Depot Square

Peterborough NH

Gallery closed  due to Covid-19 but check out the Facebook page!

Celebrate spring with a a peek at ART IN BLOOM.

13 Forest Gallery

Arlington MA (Capitol Square)

This gallery hosts great exhibits and art worth seeing.

Gallery Twist

Lexington MA

An imaginative art gallery in a magical setting.

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You can purchase blank cards with many of my white line woodcut images on them. I offer them in two sizes on Etsy.  You'll also find playing cards with one of two original white line woodcut images on them.  

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Amy at work making art


I have been creating white line woodcuts, also known as Provincetown prints, since 2002 after being inspired to learn the technique by an exhibit at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. 


Recently, I have been pushing the boundaries of the traditional white line woodcuts with small "3 x 5 card" compositions. I enjoy experimenting with this hand-printing technique and relish the freedom to play with wood, color and shapes this method allows.

close up of white line woodcut art making

White Line Woodcuts have a history.

Devised by Provincetown artists in the early 1900’s, the white line woodcut method involves incising wood with a design, hand-painting each shape on the board, and transferring the color to paper using a traditional printer’s barren or other tool to create pressure. While a given design can be printed many times over each print is done one at a time and is unique.

oranges in a pile inspiration for printer


When I go about my travels---daily or otherwise---I am often drawn to a scene, view of the horizon, or particular angle of an object.  These are my favorite things to portray using white line woodcuts, in part as a way of memorizing them for myself.  

Collections and Covers

The Boston Athenaeum

Prints and Photographs Department

New England Culture 18thC-21stC

Selected 2015

Monadnock Table Cover





Monadnock Table cover Warwick Mills in  New Ipswich NH featuring white line woodcut by Amy McGregor-Radin

Monadnock Table cover Warwick Mills in  New Ipswich NH featuring white line woodcut by Amy McGregor-Radin

White Lines Revealed

                                                                                          A quick look at the white line woodcut process of making art


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Amy McGregor-Radin

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